At the European English club meeting we had a great event – Talk Show ‘International Foreign Languages Training Programs. These programs contribute a lot into improvement of students’ language skills. The meeting was held in the format of an interview. The conductors were Victoria Moskvichova (131 group), Vlad Savchuk and Liudmyla Sushko (734 group).

The interviewees (the students of our Academy) made presentations about their own experience of participating in international exchange programs. Vlad Savchuk (734 group) presented the video connected with aviation. He had a great opportunity to sit in the left-hand seat in the cockpit and he was lucky to talk to the American pilot. Didar Seytiev (144 group) worked and traveled in North Caroline and NYC Manhattan, the USA. He showed pictures about his work in Wendy’s restaurant and attendance of Wright Brothers National Memorial. Liudmyla Sushko (734group) combined her work as a park attendant and a waitress in the Italian restaurant in South Dakota. Andrew Mikhailov (141group) worked in Six Flags Great America as a water attendant and then, from the 13th attempt, he was given a job in Walmart. Anton Semaka and Dmytro Shovgeniuk (142 group) worked as greeter hosts in Ocean City, Maryland. They were also pizza-makers. Then Anton decided to change his job as a pizza-maker and gained useful experience of repairing computers. Vlad Radchenko and Victoria Taranenko (431 group) worked and traveled in Florida, Texas and several other American states. They believe that they have gained new skills in hospitality and trade spheres.

The European English Club meetings are conducted by Declan Hayes, Peace Corps Volunteer from the USA. He awarded the certificates to the most active participants.

Tatiana Rusanovska, representative of Profiteam Company, told us about working programmes for summer and winter holidays in Germany. Ksenia Tkach and Oksana Pisna (631 group) supplied the English interpretation of this presentation from German into English.

We were happy to listen to a song performed by talented students Havier Eraso (242 group) and Daniel Botto (135 group). The song was in three languages and was called “Love in three languages”.

This meeting was organized by the teachers of our Foreign Languages Department: Serhii Radul, Andrew Bondar, Liudmyla Tsariova, Svitlana Tymchenko, Olena Cherniavska, Victoria Shevchenko, Svitlana Muravska, Olena Moskalenko, Liudmyla Herasymenko.

Dear cadets and teachers, if you want to feel the atmosphere of live talk, enrich your vocabulary, take part in interesting discussions we invite you to European English Club every Wednesday at 1.30 p.m., Room 314. Enjoy speaking English and have fun with us!

The Department of Foreign Languages

PhD in Pedagogics,

Liudmyla Herasymenko