For many years, the academy annually contest "Cossack fun" as activities designed to pay tribute to the Ukrainian Cossacks, as a landmark of national self-determination and self-awareness for the younger generation. This year's festival has replaced the date of its realization - it was postponed from February 23 (Day of Defender of the Fatherland) Day Cossacks - feast of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. Accordingly, it was held in the middle of October and a new name - "Cossack Circle".

Traditionally, the team of three faculties Flight Academy and one unit of foreign students competed with each other in strength, dexterity, knowledge of Ukrainian culture, the ability to help each other, and many other qualities inherent "true Cossacks." Some students participated in comic competitions, others organize exhibitions of their craft, and others - were prepared to stake a variety of dishes.

Honorary guests of the event were wounded in the area ATO Ukrainian soldiers, who came from a nearby hospital. It was addressed to them words sounded special reverence, respect and gratitude.

Attended the event, and representatives of the Orthodox Church, congratulated all those present on the Protection of the Holy Virgin, blessed brought back with him an icon.

Although there have been competitive and scores, and the jury, and the awarding ceremony, but, in my opinion, the winners were determined not this formal way. Match decided Fortuna - they have all those at the appointed time arrived at the appointed place, and plunged into the world of Cossack fun. The weather was favorable to the organizers of the holiday. Warm serene day, merry friendly atmosphere festive concert, funny show, tasty treats, positive sea - so remember the first spacecraft to NAU "Cossack Circle".

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