Ukraine – is a country of Central and Eastern Europe. Ukraine is a unitary state and a parliamentary-presidential republic. It consists 24 regions.
Ukraine borders with Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.
The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
The currency – hryvnia (UAH).
The largest river is Dnipro.
The largest mountain are Carpathians.
Territory - 603.7 thousand sq. km.
Population - 42 mln.Ukraine is a member of The United Nations, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and almost 40 influential international organizations, programs and projects - such as the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund, the International Labour Organization, World Trade Organization and others.
Natural resources: iron ore, coal, manganese, nickel, uranium, oil, gas and others.
Industry: metallurgy, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, aerospace, mining, processing, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries.
Climate: temperate continental. In Ukraine there are 4 distinct seasons: autumn - from September to November, winter - from December to February, spring - from March to May, summer - from June to August. The daily t ° in January is - 7 ° C, in July + 24 ° C.
National dishes:
Borsch - one of the most popular dishes in Ukraine, there are 3 kinds of borsch: red, oxalic, cold.
Vareniki - boiled dough with different fillings - a traditional Ukrainian dish.
Salo - healthy, delicious and satisfying food.
Holubtsi - a dish prepared with fresh leaves of cabbage and filling of meat, rice or millet or corn cereal, potatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions, carrots and spices.

Public holidays:
January 1 - New Year;
January 7 - Christmas;
January 22 - Day of Conciliarity of Ukraine
March 8 - International Women's Day;
Spring - Easter;
1 and 2 May - International Workers' Day;
May 9 - Victory Day;
June 19 - Trinity;
June 28 - Day of Constitution of Ukraine;
August 24 - Independence Day of Ukraine;
October 14 - Day of Defender of Ukraine.
December 25 - Catholic Christmas in Ukraine


Kropyvnytskyi is a city in the center of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Kirovohrad region. The region borders with Cherkasy in the north, Poltava in the northeast, Dnipropetrovsk in the east and southeast, Mykolayiv and Odesa in the south, and Vinnytsia in the west.
The largest river of the city is Ingul.
Territory - 103 sq. km
Population – 227 413 people. Most of them are Ukrainians, there is a large community of Russians, as well as Belarusians, Moldovans, Armenians, Bulgarians, Georgians, Germans and other ethnic groups.
Climate: The daily t ° in January is −5,6˚C, in July +20,2˚C.
The main sights of the city:
- Dvortsova Street;
- the Arboretum;
- the Museum of Local Lore;
- the Fortress of St. Elizabeth;
- The monument of the First tram;
- The Museum of Heinrich Neuhaus;
- Kropyvnytskyi Academic Music and Drama Theatre;
- Kovalivsky Park;
- Victory Park;
- Cossack Island


Flight Academy of NAU has been training aviation professionals since 1951. During its existence, the academy has trained more than 110 thousand specialists from 80 countries.

Flight Academy of NAU prepares:

“Pilot” (flight training is carried out on NARP-1, Cessna 172, K-10, At-3, L-410, Antonov-2, Antonov-26);
“Air Traffic Controller”;
“Engineer for aeronautical information”;
“Engineer for rescue fighting”;
“Engineer for maintenance and diagnostics of aeronautical equipment”;
“Organizational support and management of aviation production”;

“International air transportation manager”.
“Specialists in international aviation law”
"Aviation robotics systems"
"International Air Transport Management"
"Іnformation and project management"

The academy carries out a full cycle of training: preparatory course for foreign students, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, Post-graduate courses.

Three training airfields, training aircraft, flight simulators (An-24, An-26, L-410), certified according to the requirements of European standards, allow not only theoretical but also practical training of cadets / students.
Our institution aims to gradually enter the educational European and international space. The geography of the countries from which future aviation specialists came to study at the Academy is very diverse: Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Livia, . We maintain constant relations with the Embassies of all the above countries. All our students study in accordance with current international agreements and with the guarantee of rights and freedoms provided by the legislation of Ukraine.
Since its foundation, our Flight academy has undergone a worthy path of development and reform, has made a significant contribution to the training of national and international aviation personnel and continues to build a highly qualified capacity for the progress of world aviation.